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JMU College Republicans


Article I - Name of Organization

The official name of this organization shall be JMU College Republican Club (with the allowance of the usage of “CRs” in an informal context)


Article II - Purpose of Organization

The purpose of the club shall be to promote conservative and Republican principles and beliefs among the students at JMU and in surrounding areas, to recruit members to the club and of the Republican Party, to aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government, to hold events and forums whether politically motivated or not in order to publicity, and to develop political skills and leadership abilities among club members and Republican students alike as preparation for future service to the Party and the country.


Article III - Membership

Membership in this organization is open to all JMU students and will not be restricted on the basis of age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, color, religion, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or political affiliation.

Students in good standing with the University (2.0 cumulative G.P.A) are eligible for membership after attending or participating in an organization event/meeting. As a member, one is required to attend organization meetings regularly, pay dues if required, and actively support organization projects. Membership will be revoked by a ⅗ vote of officers plus ¾ vote from the general membership if actions are deemed inappropriate by the membership. To be considered an active member, one must attend at least 5 meetings/social events within a semester. . This is due to interference in the progress of the club’s affairs and the belief that this particular member may be a threat to the enhancement of the club’s ideas. Expelled members shall not attend club meetings, events, social events, or campaign events.


Article IV - Officers


Section 1

The officers of the club shall be a Chairman, First Vice Chairman, Second Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. All officers shall be students at JMU.


Section 2

The officers shall be elected at a club meeting on a specified day during March and shall take office upon election.

Section 3 

Notice that the election of club officers will occur at the regular meeting must be reasonably provided to all club members at least two weeks prior to the election.


Section 4

Nominations of candidates for club officer positions may be made from the floor by any club member and must be seconded by another member.


Section 5

Officers shall be elected by a majority of those registered club members present and voting who have attended 5 meetings and social events within the semester, unless excused by the Executive Board. Voting must also occur in person, with exceptions made by the executive board.


Section 6

Vacancies occurring among the officers shall be filled at the next regular meeting after the vacancy occurs, provided however, that should the position of Chairman become vacant, the First Vice Chairman shall become Chairman, and should the office of First Vice Chairman become vacant, the Second Vice Chairman shall become First Vice Chairman. Notice that any vacancy that is to be filled by election must be given to all active members in good standing at least two weeks prior to an election. Special elections will occur on the third meeting of the year. In order to run, they must be present at the previous two meetings. 


Section 7

Duties of the officers shall be as follows:

  • The Chairman shall preside over all meetings of the club and all meetings of club officers; shall plan activities for the club and shall represent the club in an official capacity.

  • The First Vice Chairman shall preside in the absence of the Chairman and shall carry out responsibilities as assigned by the Chairman. The First Vice Chair shall also act as a liaison between other clubs and other organizations on and off campus.

  • The Second Vice Chairman shall preside in the absence of the Chairman and the First Vice Chairman and shall carry out responsibilities as assigned by the Chairman. The Second Vice Chair shall also act as an events coordinator on and off campus and shall coordinate with the First Vice Chair and the Social Media Chair.

  • The Secretary shall prepare the attendance of all members at the meetings; shall send all official club correspondence; and shall coordinate preparation and distribution of all club publications.

  • The Treasurer shall make financial reports to all regular club meetings; shall receive and distribute club funds upon authorization of the Chairman; shall coordinate fundraising activities; and shall ensure compliance with any governmental laws or regulations governing club finances.


Section 8 

Any officer may be impeached for failure to perform his prescribed duties properly and in good faith after being notified about the impeachment in writing at least one week prior to the meeting at which the impeachment will be considered. Any candidate for impeachment shall be given an opportunity to address the club prior to a vote. Upon a two-thirds vote of members present and ⅘  of a vote by the executive board, an officer shall be removed from his or her position. The executive board will not vote in again in the impeachment process with general members. The Executive Board shall defer to Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised to determine if grounds for impeachment are valid. Any violation of the Honor Code may serve as grounds for impeachment. The position shall remain vacant until the next regularly scheduled meeting when an election to fill the vacancy shall be held. The removed officer may seek election to fill the vacancy, as may any other active club member in good standing. 


Section 9 

Any good standing member can approach the executive and request for an appointed position. Under consideration, the executive board must issue a ⅗ vote to ensure the implementation of this newly appointed position. The executive board upon a ⅗ vote has the authority to create a committee along with a committee head.


Article V - Adviser

The adviser shall be a full or part-time faculty or staff member at James Madison University. The adviser will assume those responsibilities as outlined in this constitution and/or found in University Policy No. 3101 entitled “Faculty Advisers to Student Organizations.”


The club shall have one faculty advisor and one community advisor.


Section 1

The faculty advisor will be appointed by the Chairman and approved upon a ⅗ vote of the executive board. The faculty advisor term will last until the faculty advisor resigns or the Executive Board expels him by a unanimous vote.

The community advisor will be appointed by the Chairman and approved upon a ⅗ vote of the Executive Board. The community advisor term will last until the community advisor resigns or the Executive Board expels him by a unanimous vote.


Article VI - Meetings

Section 1

The club may, at the discretion of the Executive Board, hold regular meetings once every week at a specified location, time, and day of the week established at the beginning of the semester. The Secretary must notify the club in advance if a change in the regular time or location occurs.


Section 2 

Notice of a regular meeting shall be given to all club members by the Secretary in the most complete manner practicable and not less than 24 hours prior to the meeting.


Article VII - Finance

The organization may establish reasonable dues that must be paid by all members. The amount of the dues will be determined at the beginning of the academic year by the Executive Committee and presented to the general membership for a ¾ vote. Dues must be paid by (enter week in semester). The Treasurer shall maintain all financial records and shall cosign with the president for all organization transactions. The organization shall not donate any club funds to political campaigns.


Section 1


The Chairman may make expenditures of $30 or less with the approval of the treasurer. Any purchase over $30 must have a ⅗ approval of the Executive Board before the time of the purchase.


Article VIII - Hazing


JMU College Republicans, in keeping with JMU’s expectations for a positive academic and social environment, unconditionally opposes hazing. No individual member of our group or the group itself may engage in or plan any activity that may be defined as hazing.

JMU College Republicans, opposes any situation created intentionally to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule to its members or potential members. In addition, no individual nor recognized organization may by physical or mental stress or by subtle or covert technique, impair, make captive, or destroy an individuals’ freedom of thought and choice.


J17-100 Hazing The university prohibits any situation created intentionally to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule in connection with or the purpose of initiation, admission into, or affiliation with or as a condition for continued membership in a club, organization, or association, regardless of whether the students participated voluntarily in the relevant activity. Students directing, engaging in, aiding, or participating in, actively or passively, the forcing, compelling, requiring, encouraging, expecting, whether direct or implied, of individuals to participate in hazing activities shall be considered in violation of this policy. It is impossible to anticipate every situation that could involve hazing. Behavior listed below does not, and cannot encompass every circumstance that can be categorized as hazing. Further, this policy is not intended to prohibit customary athletic events, contests, and competitions that are sponsored by the institution or the organized and supervised practices associated with such events or activity or conduct that furthers the goals of a legitimate educational curriculum, extracurricular program, or military training program as approved by the University.


Hazing activities include but are not limited to; physical abuse; kidnapping, blindfolding, confinement, or binding and/or restricting movement; calisthenics or other strenuous physical activity used to harass, punish, or harm an individual; excursions; spraying, painting, or pelting with any substance; burying in any substance; nudity; servitude; exposure to uncomfortable elements; verbal abuse or harassment; wearing of apparel which is conspicuous or indecent; forcing consumption of any legal or illegal substance (e.g. food, liquid, beverage, alcohol, drug, or other substance); depriving of sufficient sleep; burning, branding, or tattooing; interrogation in an intimidating or threatening manner; misleading members in an effort to convince them that they will not become or remain members unless they complete tasks, follow instructions, or act in a certain way; misleading members into believing that they will be hurt during induction or initiation; carrying items that serve no constructive purpose or that are designed to punish or embarrass the carrier; requiring or suggesting obtaining, possessing items or completing tasks in an unlawful manner (i.e. scavenger hunts); any act that is designed to or likely to compromise the dignity of a member or prospective member, cause a member or prospective member to be the object of malicious amusement, ridicule, or emotional strain, or cause psychological harm or substantial emotional strain; or any other activity which may result in physical injury or endanger the health or life of the individual being hazed.


An individual cannot consent to being hazed; a victim’s voluntary or willful participation in hazing activities will not be considered evidence that a violation of this policy did not occur. Section 18.2-56 of the Code of Virginia declares hazing illegal, establishes conditions for civil and criminal liability, and outlines the duties of the university when a student has been found guilty of hazing in civil or criminal court.


It is hereby incorporated as part of this constitution and will serve as a guide for action by the university and JMU College Republicans if there is an instance of hazing by this organization or any of the members of this organization. It will be the duty of the officers of JMU College Republicans to educate the membership of this policy.


Article IX - Amendments

Club members are able to propose amendments but must first be considered by the executive board and would require a ⅗ vote. All members in good standing must submit proposed amendments to this Constitution at least two weeks prior to any meeting at which amendments will be considered. An amendment shall be adopted upon an affirmative two-thirds vote of those present and voting at a meeting.


Article X - Ratification


This constitution shall become effective upon approval by a ¾ vote of the membership. Ratified constitutions must be submitted to the Student Activities & Involvement office within 10 days for final approval.


Article XI - Committees

The club may make an Advertising committee and a Social Media committee. The Chairs for these committees will not have executive voting power.


Section 1


The Advertising Chair will be appointed by the Chairman and approved upon a ⅗ vote of the Executive Board. The Advertising Chair term will last until the Advertising Chair resigns or a new Executive Board is elected. The Advertising Chair shall work to gain new members to the club; shall work with the Second Vice Chair to create social events; shall work on voter registration within and outside of the club; shall work to get support for petitions that have been approved by the Executive Board; and shall be in charge of tabling for events involving the club.


Section 2 


The Social Media Chair will be appointed by the Chairman and approved upon a ⅗ vote of the Executive Board. The Social Media Chair will last until the Social Media Chair resigns or a new Executive Board is elected. The Social Media Chair shall be responsible for marketing and creating a positive image for the club; shall oversee social media activity for the club; shall work as a photographer of the club’s activities/meetings; and shall work with the Second Vice Chair to create promotional designs for the club.

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