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The JMU College Republicans statement regarding the nomination of Glenn Youngkin, Winsome Sears, and Jason Miyares.


The James Madison University College Republicans would like to extend our sincerest congratulations and support to Glenn Youngkin, Winsome Sears, and Jason Miyares on their nominations to represent the Republican party this election cycle. Now more than ever, we need to unify as a party and put our unwavering support behind each candidate to ensure victory in November. 


We have no doubt that with Glenn Youngkin’s dedication to the Commonwealth, Winsome Sears’ servants heart, and Jason Miyares’ motivation to make change, we can once again allow Virginia to prosper. Electing these fine candidates into office will be no easy feat, but the JMU CRs are committed to working hard in order to elect Republicans into these offices for the first time in over a decade. 


To each of the candidates: we are so proud to support you in your race and are looking forward to watching each of you win this November. There is a lot of change that needs to be made, and the spark that has been ignited here in Virginia will be a beacon of light to the whole country as we move forward. To quote the next Governor of our Commonwealth, let's make Virginia the best place in America to live, work, and raise a family. 




Juliana McGrath, Chairwoman

Abby Cannella, First Vice Chairwoman 

Karin Ohanessian, Second Vice Chairwoman

Parker Boggs, Secretary

Megan Smith, Treasurer 

The JMU College Republican statement regarding the storming of the US Capitol:


The events transpiring in our nation’s capital today are not only disgraceful, but they run in direct contrast to everything our nation stands for. We understand that not everyone has accepted the results of the election, and all citizens of this great nation have the right to peaceful protest and to go through the process that exists to challenge the results. However, the peaceful transition of power is the cornerstone of our Republic and has been since the foundation of this great nation. 


The situation at the US Capitol is an insult to the integrity of our nation and is what we often see in third world countries. America is meant to be a model for the world, and yet we are currently reflecting the very degradation of democratic norms we so often strive against. Let us be clear: This is NOT our Republican Party, and this does not reflect our beliefs nor does it reflect our intentions. We call upon all members of the Republican Party, particularly President Trump, to lead in the process of healing our nation and putting an end to these hostilities.


This is a developing situation and we understand that emotions are high in our nation. Elections are always contentious periods and we cannot understate how important it is for both sides of our nation to come together during these times to prevent an irreparable split. We as a nation must come together and unite as one yet again, lest we allow ourselves to fall victim to the faults of past failed democracies. We are the party of Lincoln, and, as he once said: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” 



The JMU College Republican Executive Board



The JMU College Republican statement regarding the recent tweet by a JMU History Professor: 


The JMU College Republicans uniquely serves two roles, the first being to advocate for conservatism and the second to represent all conservative students regardless if they are a member of our organization or not. We feel that the recent tweet from a professor in the JMU History Department is one of the instances that requires us to speak up. We know the sentiments expressed do not represent the values of the History Department and most importantly the whole JMU Community. We stand and defend one’s freedom of speech, but what was said must be addressed by our community.


It is well known that college campuses are not friendly to conservatives and oftentimes are simply, anti-conservative. Conservative students at JMU came to college with that understanding. But we also believe that professors should be obligated to create a culture of diverse opinions in their classrooms, and this tweet does the opposite.This is not the JMU we know and love. A professor that says “F*ck them all” in reference to conservatives DOES create an uncomfortable and HOSTILE environment for students. Conservative students CANNOT feel welcome inside a class with a professor who so clearly views them as a danger to our Republic. Our goal as a club is to encourage diversity of thought on campus, and we believe this diversity should be pursued by all in the JMU community. We as Dukes are BETTER than simply resorting to petty name calling, as reflected via this tweet. We as the JMU College Republicans welcome open debate void of any name calling. 


Political diversity is what makes this country and campus great. It is critical that professors at any university go into their work with the understanding that all students should feel welcome, not only those students that share similar political viewpoints to the  professor. We are not calling for the resignation or firing of this professor, but instead use this as an opportunity to channel and pursue open and civil debate. We encourage the JMU community to stand against this rhetoric and come together to be the best JMU we can be. 



The JMU College Republicans Executive Board


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